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Skin Pen Microneedling & PRP Facials

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Regardless of how diligent you are with your daily skincare routine, eventually, you’ll begin to notice the inevitable signs of aging. As early as your 20s, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation can give you the appearance of dull, lifeless skin. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to live with a damaged, lifeless complexion! With Skin Pen treatments, you can harness your body’s natural ability to repair your damaged skin and shave years off your appearance.

What is a Skin Pen Treatment?

The Skin Pen is a minimally invasive microneedling procedure that uses a collection of tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the upper layers of your skin. In response to these tiny injuries, your body activates its natural wound-healing mechanisms, repairing damage and regenerating new skin cells.

Skin Pen treatments work to enhance your body’s natural production of collagen—the most abundant protein in human skin. Because collagen functions to provide structure and elasticity to your skin, increased production of this critical protein helps to give you smooth, firm, youthful skin. At Derma Dolce, we pair Skin Pen treatments with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or exosome application to achieve substantial healing and rejuvenation for your skin.

Skin Pen with PRP Injection

This treatment combines the regenerative power of platelet-rich plasma with the collagen-stimulating capabilities of the Skin Pen. If you’ve ever heard of the increasingly popular vampire or PRP facial, this is it. Platelet-rich plasma, more commonly referred to as PRP, comes from your own blood and harnesses the healing properties of blood platelets to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

Concentrated PRP contains anywhere from five to 10 times the number of platelets found in whole blood, making it an incredibly potent healing application. When we pair PRP injections with Skin Pen microneedling, PRP delivers growth factors and other important proteins into the newly created micro-injuries in the upper layers of your skin. A PRP treatment for your face works to accelerated healing and skin cell regeneration.

Skin Pen with Exosome Application

This treatment combines the collagen-stimulating abilities of microneedling with the reparative properties of exosomes for a deep, regenerative effect. Exosomes are often referred to as messenger molecules, traveling throughout the body and transferring important information between cells. These tiny extracellular vesicles carry important proteins and genetic information required for new cell regeneration and proliferation.

Essentially, exosomes work to transfer cellular “blueprints” between healthy skin cells and damaged or otherwise unhealthy skin cells. These blueprints direct the formation of new, healthy skin cells, resulting in a healthy, clear, glowing complexion. Contact our team to learn more.

The Benefits of Skin Pen Treatments

Skin Pen microneedling is incredibly beneficial for a wide variety of skin conditions and signs of aging. And, because the treatment is minimally-invasive, you won’t require significant downtime. Whether you struggle with dull skin and fine lines or suffer from acne and sun damage, Skin Pen treatments can deliver drastic improvements in the health and appearance of your complexion. When combined with PRP or exosome application, these treatments work to not only address current skin conditions, but also result in further tissue improvement even months after your procedure.

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

    As collagen and elastin production slow down, fine lines and wrinkles make their debut. Skin Pen treatments effectively combat these creases by stimulating increased collagen production. As your skin creates more collagen, lines and wrinkles diminish, giving the appearance of smooth, youthful skin.

  • Sun Damage
    Repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays can really do a number on your skin. Sunspots, uneven skin tone, rough texture, and keratosis can all result from excessive UV exposure, whether from the sun or artificial light. Skin Pen with PRP or exosomes works to reverse this damage by bolstering collagen production, leaving you with smooth, glowing, healthy skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone
    As you age, uneven skin tone and stubborn, hyperpigmented areas become more pronounced as skin cell turnover slows down. This phenomenon often gives the appearance of dull, uneven skin tone and texture. Skin pen treatments effectively fade these dark areas and brighten your complexion by encouraging increased cell turnover and regeneration. The addition of PRP or exosomes further directs the cell restoration process for continued improvements over several months.
  • Scarring
    Any type of facial scarring can benefit from microneedling with PRP or exosomes. Because the microneedling process encourages skin cell regeneration and heightened collagen production, it can smooth the appearance of these bothersome blemishes. The application of PRP or exosomes after the microneedling process further enhances the skin’s natural healing abilities, giving rise to more dramatic results.
  • Volume Loss
    As your skin’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid slows down, you’ll notice a gradual loss of volume in facial tissue. When this occurs, lines and wrinkles are the result. When combined with exosomes and hyaluronic acid, microneedling works to add volume to the skin, resulting in a smoother, firmer texture.

What to Expect With Skin Pen Exosome or PRP Facials

At Derma Dolce, we customize each Skin Pen treatment to address your individual aesthetic goals. Prior to your procedure, you’ll meet with our clinical aesthetician to discuss your areas of concern so that we may formulate your unique protocol. To see the most dramatic results, multiple microneedling sessions are typically required.

  • During the Procedure: During your treatment, we apply a topical anesthetic to help ensure the procedure is as painless as possible. The microneedling process may feel mildly uncomfortable but is relatively quick, lasting approximately 30 minutes. Following treatment with the Skin Pen, we inject either platelet-rich plasma or a combination of exosomes and hyaluronic acid. These topical applications work to help calm the skin, while immediately stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.
  • After the Procedure: You should expect your skin to feel sensitive after microneedling treatments, which typically dissipates within 48-72 hours. Skin will appear red and slightly inflamed during the healing period, so we advise staying out of the sun and heat for at least four to six days after treatment.

    While we always recommend applying sunscreen, doing so is especially important during this period. Do not rub your skin or attempt to remove any scabbing yourself as doing so may lead to uneven pigmentation. We also recommend avoiding intense physical activity and any harsh skincare products until your skin has healed completely. Results from PRP treatments for your face typically last one to two years.

Who is a Candidate for Skin Pen Treatments?

Almost anyone suffering from mild to moderate signs of aging or skin damage is a good candidate for Skin Pen treatments with PRP or exosomes. There are very few contraindications to treatment, making it a safe, highly-effective, natural alternative to chemical-based treatments and invasive surgical procedures. If you have active acne, cold sores, or a skin infection, you should not have Skin Pen treatments until your skin clears. Those with keloid scarring, blood clotting problems, and collagen vascular diseases should avoid microneedling treatments.

At Derma Dolce, we know that aging is out of your control, but how you handle it is not. Our customized, regenerative aesthetic solutions can help you turn back the clock on aging skin, and our highly skilled team is here to help you do it. If you’ve been searching for PRP facials or microneedling near you, contact our team at 612-221-2514 to request your complimentary consultation. We’re here to get you started on the path to rejuvenated, youthful skin!