Latisse for Longer, Thicker Eyelashes

close up shot of an eye.

At Derma Dolce, we’re proud to offer Latisse® to help improve the appearance of sparse or thinning lashes. If you struggle with lash loss, or your genetics didn’t bless you will long, thick, dark lashes, Latisse is for you.

Since its introduction in 2009, Latisse® has garnered increasing interest among individuals craving longer, thicker, more voluminous lashes but don’t want lash extensions. This FDA-approved, prescription formula is specifically designed to stimulate lash growth using its active ingredient, Bimatoprost. Latisse® also works to improve the color of your lashes, with many patients reporting a darkening of their lashes’ natural pigment.

How Latisse Works

Latisse is a once-daily treatment you apply to the base of your eyelashes on clean, dry skin. Just one drop of the solution per day works to grow longer, thicker, darker lashes in just a matter of weeks.

Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Latisse® solution, was originally intended to treat patients suffering from glaucoma. However, when ophthalmologists discovered their patients were growing consistently longer, thicker lashes, the eyelash growth treatment was born. While the exact mechanism of action behind Bimatoprost’s growth-stimulating abilities isn’t known, research suggests it works to prolong the growth phase of hair. Anecdotal evidence clearly suggests the product is highly effective.

What to Expect From Latisse® Treatment

Before you get ready to shell out the cash to buy Latisse®, know that this product is not a quick fix. Latisse® costs $175 per kit, and while it’s an investment, it’s one that will pay in spades if you use it correctly. To see full lash growth and thickening, you’ll need to apply Latisse® daily for a period of 16 weeks.

During the initial treatment period, it’s important to remember to be patient! The solution requires one to two months to begin taking effect, so don’t be surprised if you don’t notice new growth right away. Once your lashes have reached your desired length and thickness, you can reduce your product application to once every other day. To maintain your results from Latisse® treatments, you must continue using the product long-term.

Is Latisse Safe?

Latisse® is FDA-approved and widely considered safe to use. As long as you do not have glaucoma or an active eye infection, you may be a candidate for this incredible treatment. Like any treatment, Latisse® is not appropriate for everyone. Prior to using the product, you’ll need to meet with your physician or healthcare provider who can prescribe the treatment. If you develop eyelid discoloration or any irritation around your eyes, stop using the product immediately and call your physician.

Where Can I Buy Latisse?

At Derma Dolce, we offer Latisse® in-office! Many people ask us if they can purchase the product online, but because it must be physician-approved, you cannot purchase Latisse® online without the recommendation of a doctor or healthcare provider.

If you’re ready for longer, thicker, darker lashes, we have the product you need at Derma Dolce! To learn more about how Latisse® can help you achieve full, voluminous lashes, contact us at 612-221-2514 to request your complimentary consultation. We’re here to get you the results you deserve!